Our Solution

CEMI’s green concrete technology offers a comprehensive solution to these pressing problems. By reducing cement and natural raw material consumption and managing industrial waste responsibly, we contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious construction industry. Together, we can build a future that conserves vital resources while delivering high-quality, eco-friendly concrete solutions.

Problem: High Carbon Footprint in Concrete Production

Concrete production is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with a significant portion coming from cement production. In Australia, the production of 10-12 million tonnes of cement annually results in 9-11 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, accounting for approximately 2% of the national total.

Solution: CEMI’s Low Carbon Concrete

Our technology reduces the carbon footprint of concrete production by utilizing less cement and incorporating more recycled materials. This approach aligns with global emissions reduction targets and circular economy principles.

Problem: Barriers to Sustainable Innovation

The construction industry faces various barriers to adopting sustainable practices. These include the entrenched vertical integration of the cement and building materials supply chain, the dominance of major players securing exclusive material rights, and resistance to change due to inefficient processes.

Solution: CEMI’s Pioneering Green Concrete

CEMI breaks through these barriers with pioneering green concrete solutions. Our technology enables a straightforward transition to sustainable, high-performance concrete while maintaining cost-efficiency. This innovation aligns with investor demands for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) focus and government incentives for sustainability.

Problem: Mounting Industrial Waste – Coal Ash

The industrial waste problem, particularly coal ash, presents significant environmental challenges globally. Vast stockpiles, amounting to approximately 7.5 billion tonnes, pose a substantial threat. Governments are responding with stringent regulations and standards, leading to increased costs for handling, disposal, and remediation, especially for coal-fired power generators.

Solution: CEMI’s Sustainable Waste Management

CEMI’s solution extends to the management of industrial waste like coal ash. Our innovative approach not only reduces the demand for natural resources like sand but also addresses the issues associated with coal ash disposal. By incorporating recycled materials efficiently, we minimize the environmental impact of industrial waste while maintaining concrete performance.

Problem: Excessive Sand Consumption

The construction industry’s relentless demand for sand, a critical natural resource, has led to severe depletion. This excessive use of sand is especially problematic in densely populated areas, where suitable sand sources are dwindling. The quality of available sand is declining, causing performance issues in concrete production.

Solution: CEMI’s Innovative Sand Reduction

CEMI offers an innovative solution to this sand crisis. Our approach significantly reduces the reliance on sand in concrete production, addressing the environmental and performance challenges associated with its scarcity. With CEMI’s technology, we use less sand without compromising the quality or performance of concrete.