About CEMI

Expertise in building materials research, collaboration and commercialisation

The team at CEMI are at the forefront of developing cementitious products for the circular economy. With over 50 years of combined experience in commercial research and innovation, our team excels in strategic product development and shepherding new technologies from concept through to production and market delivery, both domestically and internationally.

Turnkey Solution

Through a reduction in expensive cement and the maximisation of cost-effective recycled materials using our proprietary additive, unlock premium pricing, R&D tax incentives, government grants, and green fund investment opportunities with our turnkey green concrete solution.


Seamless Integration

Our Green Concrete seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, requiring no additional investment, retrofitting, or downtime.


Effortless Handling

It can be handled and placed just like traditional mixes, ensuring a smooth and familiar construction process.


Standards Compliant

Our Green Concrete meets industry standards, ensuring quality and compliance with construction regulations.


Enhanced Performance

Superior performance characteristics, including durability, minimal shrinkage, sulphate resistance and excellent workability.


Emission Beating

Our green concrete surpasses Federal and State government 2030 emissions reduction targets, making it an eco-conscious choice for environmentally responsible construction.

Proven Technology

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